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    Kamon was established in mid 2011 from a tech start-up to a valuable and effective marketing partner and contents provider, offering the most professional contribution in the field of 360 Movie.

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  • you can enjoy 360movie anywhere.

    various device

    PC, Mobile, Smart TV(Connected TV), HMD, Kinect, Leap Motion...

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    various device
  • 360Grabber is ready to Shoot

    360Movie Shooting Equipment

    “360Grabber” is the specially designed for existing mirrorless camera and goPro cam to take in all directions.

  • Drama, Documentary, Sports, Movie, Commercial...

    New Way to Enjoy your contents

    카몬 촬영 시스템을 통해 제작된 360°VR 컨텐츠는 마우스나 터치-제스추어 (Touch Gesture)를 통해 시청자가 원하는 방향으로 영상을 선택해서 볼 수 있습니다. 이제 새로운 방법으로 영상콘텐츠를 즐겨보세요.

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  • 360movie on Interactive Media

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  • Evolution is coming

    카몬의 360movie Solution은 멀티미디어 산업의 새로운 방향을 제시합니다. 360movie contents는 웹, 모바일, 스마트TV등 다양한 디바이스에 적용되며 사용자의 인터렉션에 반응하여 콘텐츠를 즐기는 새로운 패러다임을 제공합니다.


360Grabber is Ready for you

360Grabber for more people to use for shooting their own 360Movies.

Best way to Enjoy your Contents

Rotate the screen with fingertip! Fully interactive 360Movie now available on your iOS, Android, devices, Smart TV, PC, internet, and set-top box. Experience drama, sports, news, entertainment and documentaries, like you never did before.

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Optimization for Wearable Display Devices

Kamon 360Movie is available on live broadcasting and worked on Sony HMZ-T series, Oculus rift as well. One more thing, if you use any motion detect devices, more fun any enjoy 360Movies.